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Payday loans are a great quick-fix for anybody facing an unexpected or emergency expense. There is no need to face expensive overdraft charges from your bank. A payday loan can ensure you have the money to cover your bills or emergency expenses. This safety net is perfect for people who just do not have the extra cash on hand in an urgent situation. Customers may be facing repossession of vehicles or a loss of electricity or water. The reasons to use a payday loan are virtually endless. understands the importance of getting cash in a hurry. Our network of direct lenders offer instant approval and incredibly low interest rates.

What Can You Use a Payday Loan For?

Most people use cash advances for unexpected expenses. Unexpected expenses can cover a wide range of bills. Sometimes, payday loans can even be used to cover rent. It is not uncommon to have a roommate run out on rent. A payday loan can mean the difference between having heat and not having heat in the middle of the winter.

Many families use short term loans to cover unexpected medical and dental expenses too. Some emergencies just can’t be avoided, and most Americans don't have a ton of extra cash to spend. A payday loan can help during those times where the money is just not available. It can take insurance companies weeks or months to pay out on accident claims. A person might be without transportation and needing to get to work. Listed below are a few common uses for payday advances.

Common Uses of Cash Advances

  • Medical Expenses
  • Emergency Veterinary Care for a Pet
  • Car Repairs
  • Emergency Dental Care
  • Utilities That May Get Shut Off
  • Car Payments
  • "Final Notice" Bills
  • Unexpected Emergency Travel
  • Bridging Bills Between Paychecks
  • Insurance Premiums
  • School Expenses
  • Home Repairs

Payday loans can be used for just about any expense that pops up. The friendly staff at understands how important it is to get cash quickly. We understand that cars break down, roofs need repairing and people get sick. We understand that life happens. Sometimes, bills just begin to pile up. A California payday loan can be used to pay one bill or a variety of bills. In some cases, this money can even be used to put groceries on the table.

Why Choose California Payday Loans offers unbeatable customer service. The amazing staff knows how important it is to get cash to customers in a timely fashion. The approval is incredibly swift. We have access to direct lenders to ensure the process goes quickly and smoothly. Unlike some predatory payday loan stores, California Payday Loans offers the lowest interest rates possible. Nobody should have to be taken advantage of during a financially difficult emergency. In addition, we offer a no hassle application process.

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